RWIS webinar from January 20, 2016

RWIS webinar from January 20, 2016

A recording of the Ohio RWIS webinar from January 20, 2016 is now available online for viewing, at:

The Road Weather Information System (RWIS) in Ohio is a vital part of the Snow and Ice removal operation as it provides ground-level information to the supervisors and operators. ODOT’s RWIS network is comprised of 179 stations throughout the state with at least one in each county. Anyone is permitted to log into the website and see current weather information that is being observed.  Previously, users accessed the information utilizing SCAN Web which has become outdated. ODOT has transitioned to an external service known as Total View, provided by the vendor Schneider Electric. This webinar discusses navigation and use of the Total View system. Topics include:

• Accessing RWIS data – How to log in and navigate to the RWIS data
• Filtering the station list – How to filter the list of stations by district or reporting status
• Accessing historical data – How to view past RWIS data in graphical and tabular format

Login Information:

User Name:        odotrwis

Password:           odotrwis


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